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and logistics


A pharmacological drug logistic center, according to regulation 126 that includes an innovative distribution center where collection, management and sorting are carried out in accordance with GDP regulations.

Distribution and logistics

A large and diverse fleet of vehicles with 24/7 availability, Reaching thousands of distribution points per day from the Dan to Eilat regions.

Distribution under controlled temperature

Transportation of food deliveries and refrigerated transport under controlled temperatures. The transportation is carried out according to stringent quality standards and includes temperature monitoring by control room and quality officers.

Casual projects

Planning and managing a wide variety of projects including but not limited to, the flagship project of the state of Israel – governmental elections, projects for many promotional companies.

Import of refrigeration vehicles

Import of refrigeration vehicles, according to client requirements, including refrigeration units and hydraulic partitions, according to European standardization.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Controlled temperature storage, in an area of ​​4100 square meters in a modern facility in accordance with the GDP standard. Advanced inventory management and storage, unloading, collection and control services.

Sosna Moving - the tranquility in logistics


Carrying out an optimal service for several pastry manufacturers, distribution of their night delivery lines to a variety of businesses countrywide.


Carrying out a wide range of distributions for leading fashion businesses countrywide to all stores and shopping malls at night delivery lines, including disabling alarms, opening doors, putting in the goods under a set of cameras and supervision by a dedicated security officer.


Operating a 24-hour countrywide distribution that provides all necessary distribution solutions, in accordance with the Food Transportation Law from factories, institutions, schools and kindergartens.

Laboratory samples and vaccines

Transportation of vaccines and samples according to regulation, including point coordination between patients and nurses. Collecting samples and their transfer, in accordance with the standard for laboratories and proof of temperature monitoring.

Newspaper delivery lines

Night operations with dozens of vehicles, carrying out countrywide distribution from all printing houses to the distribution points.

Car replacement parts

Maintaining 24 hours a day replacement parts from the importers warehouses to all the garages and sales points in Israel, including coordination.

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