Pharma activities

Sosna Moving Company possesses certificates and qualifications, which more than anything is a testament to our quality of work, punctuality, and dedication to the task. As a drug trade facility, we provide the following services:

Sorting goods

Sorting goods on demand

Controlled inventory

Inventory management and control

Logistics solutions
and services

Logistics solutions and services for all trade facilities and medicines manufacturers in Israel

Special storage

Storing pallets under controlled temperature conditions


Narcotics and medical


Carrying out stocktaking for control and follow-up purposes

Foraging goods

Foraging goods - pallets

GDP certification

International standardization

Permit for storing dietary supplements and medical food

Permit for storing and distribution of cosmetics and storage in a controlled temperature environment

Certificates and qualifications

  • Standards – Our company also possesses golden mark, ISO 45001, ISO 9301 and ISO 9001
  • Safety – Is certified by the Israeli Institute of Standards, and possesses Safety System in Transportation standards – 9301
  • Data security – ISO and data security – ISO 27001
  • Transportation – In accordance with regulation 126
  • Quality control – The quality control is based on procedure 130 of the Ministry of health, which is based on using CFR 21 section 11 compatible computerized system, in addition to an advanced POD system that allows us to see shipment orders in real time mode. In this way, we can assure that each order is stored, handled and sent to its destination in the safest and most efficient manner, including updating the client and the inventory system.

Countrywide round the clock delivery

Beyond training, qualifications and quality handling of goods, we are also aware of the demand to provide the highest possible solution for all of our clients. For this reason, we manage an extensive distribution system around the clock – 24/7, from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona. The transportation is carried out according to Ministry of Health’s procedures 126 and 128, under controlled conditions and approved means of transportation. Moreover, we allow the insurance of goods during transportation and storage, according to the specific requirements of each of our client.

Unparalleled quality and service

Our company pays heed to all the most stringent standards and broad scale transportation possible, including a variety of controlled training and qualification processes, aimed at training all our personnel on transporting various medical preparations and pharmacy products. Broad knowledge and professional handling are our guiding principle and therefore, we make sure to carry out comprehensive trainings on a regular basis. Through those trainings, we can make sure, the quality of goods is maintained until their arrival at their destination, as well as assuring the professionalism, quality and service, provided by all employees. In addition to that, we make sure to assigning a direct manager for each client, who is responsible for all the client’s needs and is available to them for any problem or request.

Professional operation, high level control

Our company possesses hundreds of vehicles, certified for transporting medical preparations, which provide service on a daily basis to public and private pharmaceutical companies in Israel. Each client is accompanied by our advanced computing systems for managing supplies, which is interfaced, according to customer’s needs, route system and POD.

In addition of having a fleet of high-quality vehicles and carrying out a professional management, we also operate control rooms and real-time warning systems, which allow us to control our logistics and distribution at any given moment. The control room allows us to examine the location of the vehicles and the temperature within, and the warnings system allows us to obtain and issue alerts in real time, even before there is any kind of problem or deviation.