Projects Management

Over the years, the Sosna Group has accumulated a solid resource infrastructure, which constitutes its major source of strength and has enabled it to specialize in planning, executing and managing dedicated and complex projects, including sensitive and national projects.

Sosna features operational flexibility alongside high adherence to the strictest standards to meet all regulatory requirements.

Each project is carefully and meticulously planned and handled, including allocating the resources required for its success (quality and professional human capital with decades of knowledge and experience in the field, high interpersonal skills and creative thinking, advanced control, oversight and management systems, extensive fleet of vehicles, ancillary equipment and more). 

The Sosna Group has proven its capabilities to operate in the public and private sectors under high pressure, ambiguity and tight schedules by preparing and responding quickly, efficiently, and professionally, tailoring its solutions to its customers’ needs, and adhering to strict quality control directives.


Furthermore, the Sosna Group was granted an Essential Enterprise permit from the Israeli Government, due to its high public value, which enables it to continue providing the best response even in emergencies.

Among the projects that the Sosna Group has led or still leading :

  • Distribution of vaccines and collection of Coronavirus samples – in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and MDA
  •  Storage, inventory management and distribution of medicines during crisis and emergency: Like the Coronavirus pandemic, the Iron Swords war, etc.
  •  The Student Health System – Distribution of vaccines and dental kits to educational institutions
  •  Elections to the Israeli Knesset – Sosna is a leader in operational and managerial excellence during the last 8 years and 6 election campaigns
  •  Municipal elections – Managing the logistics and distribution for the Ministry of the Interior during municipal election campaigns
  •  Transporting Archive 2000 – Transporting all the records stored in Archive 2000 in Emek Hefer to their new home in Mishor Edumim
  •  Food Delivery System for the Elderly – Distribution of about 20,000 food baskets to the elderly during the Coronavirus quarantine period, in collaboration with LATET organization

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