About Sosna Moving Group

The Company was founded in 1988 by Shmulik Sosna, a savvy entrepreneur and twice-decorated veteran, known to be a multi-talented individual whose guiding principles include giving back to society, morality, humanity, reliability, diligence and high standards of work ethics.

Shmulik Sosna envisioned the Sosna Company to be a customer-centric logistics and distribution powerhouse. Over the years, he has labored tirelessly to realize this vision and ensure that customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

The group has pledged to continue providing quality service with a personal touch, while further laboring to fulfill its original vision, constantly adhering to such values as goal orientation, leadership, responsibility, reliability, and solidarity.

The high standards to which the Sosna Moving Group is committed will remain its compass and guide.

How it all started

From its humble beginning, Sosna Moving provided delivery services for newspaper routes and food and package deliveries across Israel.

Over the years, the Company expanded its, services and clientele, growing into an industry leader.  Sosna provides logistics and distribution services to the pharmaceutical and pharma industries, even establishing a subsidiary called Sosna Pharm, which operates the wholesale drug distribution wing of Sosna Moving Company.

The Sosna Group is considered a pioneer in everything related to providing logistics and delivery of end-to-end solutions in the public, governmental, defense, medical and business sectors across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, pharma, food, textiles, and automotive.

The group's activity is considered of high public value, resulting in the grant of an Essential Enterprise Permit, allowing it to operate continuously in both routine and emergency conditions.

The group owns a large and diverse fleet of vehicles with over 800 delivery vans and trucks, daily crisscrossing Israel and reaching approximately 12,000 distribution points.

Sosna employs over 900 committed and professional workers, including 50 dedicated distribution managers who promote the interests of the Sosna Group and liaise with its key business partners.

With over 300 satisfied customers, the Company enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability among its long-term business partners, including large, well-known banks and risk-management rating companies. CofaceBdi has also granted it a “Financial Soundness” award.

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