Services and Solutions

The Sosna Group has over 30 years of seniority and experience in logistics, distribution and project management.

The Company’s collaborations and close-knit relationships with thousands of companies, customers and suppliers, alongside constant learning of trends and changes, including regulatory benchmarks, enabled Sosna Group to develop an extensive array of solutions and services characterized by operational excellence and flexibility and a high-value offer to its customers, suppliers and business partners.

National Delivery System

The Sosna Group has over 30 years of expertise in the distribution, delivery and transportation industry. The group owns a large, varied and controlled fleet of vehicles, comprising over 800 vehicles befitting various types of transport, like dry vans, reefers, chillers and full-freezers.

Dedicated Management for Customers

A dedicated manager is appointed to each of Sosna’s business partners. This manager functions as the organization’s one point of contact and represents the customer’s interests throughout the business life cycle. The manager’s role is to identify and leverage the client’s business potential, address the customer’s problems and challenges, and improve and optimize operational processes to ensure the partnership’s success.

Cold Chain

The Sosna Group provides its customers with a quality Cold Chain solution, including receipt, storage and transport. To that end, Sosna relies on its state-of-the-art equipment, innovative dedicated technological control and a strict adherence to Ministry of Health’s procedures 126 and 130, as well as to European GDP principles.

Wholesale Pharmaceuticals' Distributor

The pharmaceuticals wholesale business, Sosna Pharm, provides advanced logistics services of dedicated storage and distribution based on technological models and innovative systems, all in accordance with the MOH procedures 126 and 130 and European GDP principles.


Sosna Pharm offers a wide range of logistics services in full compliance with its customers in each of the channels it operates in, including diverse storage capabilities, collection, compilation, sorting and dedicated distribution of medicines, medical equipment and health products.

Pharmacy and Quality Assurance

Sosna Pharm employs a full-fledged pharmacy and quality assurance system, headed by a responsible pharmacist and a team of qualified managers, who audit and monitor all storage and distribution stages according to MOH procedures 126 and 130 and European GDP principles.

360-Degree Services: Vehicle fleet Management, Supervision and Maintenance

A 360-degree service array headed by a traffic inspector and a team of professional and experienced managers who ensure the Company’s vehicles are well supervised and maintained at the highest standards. They also verify the quality, alertness, and qualifications of the Company’s drivers to withstand their missions at any given time.

Financial/Operating Leasing and Work Vehicle Rental Services

The Sosna Group offers various options for vehicle rental, including: Operational leasing, financial leasing and rent. The group’s traffic safety officer and a qualified rental and leasing manager counsel business owners on choosing the optimal leasing route.

Projects Management

The Sosna Group specializes in the planning, execution and management of dedicated and complex projects, including of sensitive and/or national nature. Each project is carefully and meticulously planned and handled, including allocating resources required for its success, operational flexibility and adherence to strict regulatory standards.

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